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Paema is Returning Home...

Paema is scheduled to arrive at the Edmonton Int'l at 5pm Friday Oct 28!
More pics will be posted soon!

A New Summary Map...

Here is a new map with updated destinations:


A summary map of the trip in Tibet
"D" is the hospital I was in. (Brad)


>>>leaving Samye for Gyantse. road is crazy bumpy.<<<
TIBET TIME: Mon., Oct 17, 1:34 pm (Our Time: Sun., Oct 16, 11:34 pm)
READ MORE to see map...

a short update...

Well, the blog has been quiet for a week. Sorry. There has been a bit of a...problem.
I (Brad) have had a bout of severe altitude sickness due to weak medication and not enough acclimatization. Short story: went to hospital in Lhasa; flew back to Chengdu (with Paema as my nurse (my daughter is so freakin' cool!!! she looked after me sooo well, and she made sure all the arrangements got made correctly (she can keep many balls in the air!)), went to Chengdu hospital. Now I am back in Edmonton and Paema is touring Tibet and this is now her blog!!

the First Steps...

Well, we have aqrrived in Chengdu!
The flight started for us at 11 am Saturday. We arrived in Chengdu at 8 pm on Sunday. The total flight time was approx. 15hours. Wow.
Not smoking for 15 hours is annoying. Ken, my little brother, gave me some nicorette gum for the flight. I think it helped, but I did feel a bit sick.
Now that we have arrived I bought a pack of Chinese cigarettes, Pride is the brand. I also had to buy a lighter as the flight to Chendu required me to throw away all lighters on my person. Oh, well.

We are on our way!

Paema, Glen and I made it on to the flight to Beijing and were on our way! Thanks to Ken for posting this for me. Brad.

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